• Stage Name: Jinny
    Birth Name: Jinny Park

    Korean Name: Park Jin Hee

    Position: Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist

    Birthday: January 20, 1998

    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

    Blood Type: B

    II. Jinny Facts

    -She released 3 Singles on her official SoundCloud.
    -Hobbies: Writing lyrics, Makeup.
    -Specialty: Rap making.
    -She ia a Former Trainee under YG Entertainment.
    -MBTI: ISTJ A/T.
    -Shoe size: 245 mm.
    -Favorite Foods: pizza, strawberries, cake.
    -She likes making people laugh.
    -Sometimes she reading in spare time.
    -She is a big fan of Justin Bieber.
    -She’s a fan of BIGBANG and her favorite member is G-Dragon.
    Léa & Jinny are roommates.
    -She’s a fan of 2NE1 and her favorite member is CL.
    -She has a sister (older) named Anne.
    -Her favorite color is pink.
    -She has two cats (Mochi and BD).
    -Jinny’s favorite season is spring, because it’s not too cold and not to hot.
    -Jinny’s favorite number is 3, 21, 7.
    -She has 5 moles in her face.
    -One of her nicknames is Hamzieee.
    -She was born in Los Angeles, California.
    -Jinny was a trainee for 5 years in YG before going on Produce 48(so 6 years and 7 months in total).
    -She participated in Produce 48 as an individual trainee after she left YG.
    -Education: Seoul International School.
    -She can speak English and Korean.

    - She was apart of Future 2NE1 and Pink Punk lineup the pre-debut Blackpink lineup but she was removed from the group before they debuted.

    -She was the first member to be revealed.
    -She was on Produce 48(Ranked #69).
    -She is friends with former THE BOYZ's Hwall.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)