Jinnytty (Tier 4)

  • Stage Name: Jinnytty (진니티)

    Birth Name: Yoo Yoonjin (유윤진)

    Birthday: July 28, 1992

    Zodiac Sign: Leo

    II. Career

    She is a member of TIER 4.

    They are a South Korean independent girl group consisting of four Twitch streamers HAchubby, Yunicorn19, Jinnytty, and Yuggie_TV.

    They released their first music video on August 23, 2020 for the song “Bang Bang”.

    III. Jinnytty Facts

    — She loves traveling, singing, and playing games.

    — She studied at Yonsei University.

    — She can speak English, Korean, and Chinese.

    — She started streaming in 2017.

    — Her gaming chair is from Secretlab.

    — She broke her leg while surfing at the beginning of July 2020.

    — She visited Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Antonio, and Austin in the USA.

    — She has a younger brother, who is also streaming, KrustingKevin, and an older sister.