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    For the umpteenth time: Cube filed a criminal lawsuit against her accusers. They kept her on hiatus for 6 months before announcing her withdrawal and it might even be her own decision.

    Yes, the problem is expanded because I-nets refuse to acknowledge what is really going on. Here's the updates whether they like it or not:

    Soojin STEPPED BACK from the group. HER decision. She still has lawsuit pending. The Korean legal system has been slowed down massively by covid. That is why it's taking so long. The case went from the police investigation to the prosecutor, that's where it is now. In the meantime, Korean public has been slanting in favor of Soojin and many want proof. SSA deleted all her accusations from the internet several months back. Korean public want answers from her too. The case may take 3-4 more months to conclude due to covid. We just have to be patient. Soojin is still pursuing this and Cube has been supporting her. NOTHING will be decided until all the evidence is out. You all can keep guessing and speculating, but that's about all that's going to come of it. Soojin did NOT get "kicked out", she did not retire. She is waiting for her case to settle. For those who keep saying Soojin got kicked out, you're hurting her because the k-nets use this to show that it is guilt. It is not. Stop saying she got kicked out, it's not true and it just keeps breathing life into the hateful k-nets. Let Soojin's lawsuit settle and then see what happens from there. Nothing pro or con will happen before the lawsuit settles so we just have to wait. The other problem is, even tho Korea public opinion has been moving towards Soojin's favor, word travels very slowly in Korea. Even when the lawsuit and all the evidence settles, it takes a while for Koreans to receive the news. It's not like the rest of the world. It's great that public opinion is beginning to fall in Soojin's favor, but remember, it's a long process due to how slowly news travels in Korea. It's just life, everyone just has to deal with it. Let's just be patient here for whatever the outcome is. Even if Soojin is accepted back in public favor, she may not want to continue being an idol. That will be her decision. But we are months away from any of this coming to conclusions.

    The fact that Koreans get so mad about even an allegation of a kid doing something like bullying (still unproven with Soojin), but Koreans doing nothing about the bullying in their schools is baffling. If it is such a huge problem, do something to get it out of your schools. Instead, they all just sit around feeling sorry for each other and never do anything to remove the problem from their schools. This scandal would be more understandable and more acceptable if they didn't let the problem keep happening. Bullying is still rampant in Korean schools. They are trying to erase Soojin, but they won't try to erase the bullying problem from their schools, which is non-sensical.