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    saw this on twitter about Dead Leaves, one of his best verses:

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    a genius :love:

    I edited it , so you can see the diagram.

    Is more like a WIN-WIN for NAVER than anything else.

    Remember NAVER is the 2nd shareholder in YGE had invested in BIGHIT subsidiary and the subsidiary in YGPLUS, so is just a parnetship between the 3 of them.

    YGPLUS is looking for expanding for other companies as well, so this just a trial for them to invite other companies to use their distribution company

    BH doesn't need to be involved in any deal that isn't favorable to them. This is something that BH and Naver worked out and YG+ is just kind of the pawn in the deal bc they need the money

    The OP is a funny theory tho, i'll give you that

    Just fyi, they put Agust D first on iTunes and spotify because Armys actually started eagerly asked for it and want to pay for it (well actually since RM mixtape, but they can't do it bcs it has a lot of samples),

    the demand increase after Agust D as well asking them for more promo and releasing the CDs, so they kinda grant Army's wish and at the same time they don't, they still release it for free, as well on paid plafform, except they wont do more promo and no CD releases, bcs the members don't want it, so no one pretend that they didn't put it on Paid platform because it's us who asked for it lol.

    From how i remember it Agust D wasn't put up on streaming sites until later and without the the songs that use samples but maybe I am remembering that wrong. Either way, HW was the first solo release that didn't use any samples and was put up on streaming/paid services in its entirety from release.

    Also that's your speculation about why they put it up on streaming services. Fans asked for it, sure, but I'm sure Kfans asked for it too, so why didn't they get any options?

    They have been releasing mixtapes way before they blew up tho. So this fear of flop and damaging their career doesn't fit. Also based on the huge numbers D2 did without any physical release or promo, nothing they put out would flop lol

    I don't think that scandal would have destroyed their career.

    Exactly. Nothing BTS has released has flopped in over 5 years. RM's first mixtape even charted on the world chart in 2015

    im kind of confused what your point is? like no1 is denying they're making money? or saying that they shouldnt? but its a fact that all of their mixtape releases are still free and without a physical component. and that is something purposeful on the part of the members and the company. Even having it on a streaming platform like spotify constitutes as it being ~free~ bc you can use spotify with or without a premium account. i think putting the tracks on itunes is what rlly changed the game but its more telling that their mixtapes are not on the korean streaming sites . what that other user mentioned about them feeling burdened by commercial success is likely very true.

    i guess my point is that releasing "free mixtapes" has become a pretense that bighit is using to make it seem like they aren't fostering solo careers, when that isn't really completely true. It's a marketing tactic at this point and I hope that they'll quit it soon because it makes no sense these days. When RM first released his mixtape, it made complete sense. But that was 6 years ago :sketchyk:

    Suga also dropped D-2 as a zip file on Dropbox that you can download.

    Just because you make something not intended for commercial success doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the little bit of income it can generates for you. People sell their arts and crafts on Etsy for the same reason.

    they all dropped download links, ever since RM1

    Hobi and Joon in the two years since HW and mono have become the most followed Korean soloists on Spotify with just their EPs and solo singles and Suga isn't too far behind. Trying to say that they're on the level of an unknown hobbyist selling stuff on Etsy is silly. They're huge stars and they definitely made some good money off their work as they should've. They changed the game by putting HW on Spotify, but bighit and some fans still try to pretend that they didn't which is funny to me

    I don’t know but it’s dumb.. singers releasing mixtapes of original music instead of just releasing an album is dumb.

    BTS are getting old.. pushing 30, NOW is the time for them to start setting the stones of their individual career paths!

    you're right and you should say it

    Like others said mixtape used to be completely free and can only be found on SoundCloud but due to fans request, they added it on several paid platform like iTunes and spotify because fans want to stream it easily together with bts other discography. However it can still be listen for free. The idea of mixtape is still the same. Suga and hobi mixtape charting is just a byproduct of fans enthusiasm and bts current popularity but the ambition was never meant for it to chart or anything.

    To our consumer eyes maybe mixtape and solo album are the same but to them the process of making them might be different.

    That's not really true. The first two mixtapes were classic mixtapes in the sense that they used samples. But by HW, the pretense of a true mixtape was gone and they could therefore monetize it which they did, immediately lol. I consider HW to be the first real solo EP by one of the members and now all of rapline have them, since mono and D-2 have come out. I think since HW they have meant to chart, otherwise they wouldn't release them on paid and streaming platforms. The only place they've kept them off streaming is in Korea for some odd reason.

    And Joon's mixtapes also charted on billboard, even RM1 charted on the world albums with no availability on streaming sites

    BTS fans have kind of been sold on this whole idea of BTS giving away free music and they do, but only on soundcloud. Anything released on spotify and other streaming platforms is monetized as it should be. Nothing as good as the rapline mixtapes deserve to be treated like handouts, when BTS promotes the hell out of crap like Make it Right

    I agree that the members seem to make some distinction, and i think it's just bc they can have the pretense of not looking at things commercially, even though Suga has said that he's always thinking of commercial charting success with his songs.