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    Hey everyone!

    Wow it's been like what 6 weeks since my last post/thread.

    And i didn't know where to post this to.

    Well I had things happen, and so emotionally and physically I haven't been well at all.

    Had things in my private life spiral out of my control so that took time and to be frank it was exhausting.

    I also had to be hospitalised for a bit and have surgery so I'm recovering from that currently, I'm still in pain so that I have to do deal with as well.

    I'm doing well now so hopefully I can post more.

    And I also had to reset my login because you know I forgot my login.

    So yeah I'm also going to be bumping up my makeup thread at some point today or tomorrow, cuz I have discovered products that I need to share.


    My makeup is usually high end

    I either use Too Faced Born This Way or Becca Ultimate Coverage 24 hour Foundation if I don't get it from sephora then I go to ulta, Ulta has a rewards points system that let's you use the points for cash value for your next purchase and it works as a coupon to use money. Ulta has drug store brands too.

    I wish Ulta ships internationally.

    There are soms products that I have my eye on but can't get unless I use a shipping service.

    Rare Beauty still hasn't been released in Australia/NZ I'm getting pretty salty about it.

    Since I have to wear a mask to go out now...I don't wear any makeup. All the money I spend on beauty products goes to skin care.

    That said...I used to use Estee Lauder's Double Wear liquid foundation.

    Where I am I wear a mask at the hospital, doctor's surgery.

    But I wore makeup on my eyes.

    The thing I hate about wearing masks is breaking out in pimples, sweat (as its summer here).

    I end up double cleansing.

    My cross eye happens if I look through my better eye.

    It looks freaky when I look in the mirror with my better eye as the closer I get my eye stops focusing and then turns outwards it freaks me out but at the same time its fascinating.

    I want to try LASIK but I'm scared.

    And I can't wear contacts because of my lazy eye muscles being too weak.

    i'm jealous! I'm gonna get the pro filtr foundation for spring/summer!

    how do you like the mascara?

    I've been using too faced better than sex mascara for the longest time! i need some recs...

    If you want to go cheaper than Two Faced Better than Sex I would try L'Oreal Paris Lash Paradise apparently its a dupe for it.

    Maybelline Lash Sensational is also pretty good if you want curl in your lashes.

    I also hear great things about Essence mascaras too.

    As well as Covergirl Exhibitionist mascara.

    The Fenty mascara is awesome! I want to get the full size.

    I mainly wear volumising mascaras as i wear glasses.

    A neat trick for glasses wearers to make their eyes pop is to wear a bold shimmer colour on the lid in the lid ( best to use a spray to spray your brush and pack the colour on to whatever intensity you want) but if you do this trick wear a nude lip. I get compliments all the time.

    As the question above states, and it's pretty self-explanatory.

    Do you wear glasses? And do you have to wear them for life?

    I wear glasses, have to due to nearsightedness in one eye and farsightedness in the other eye.

    Oh and I also have cross eye or lazy eye too.

    Have to wear them for life and also have to wear them when driving.

    My glasses also transition when in the sun :)

    I have In Fenty Beauty:

    Moroccan Spice eyeshadow palette

    Gloss Bomb: Diamond Milk, Fu$$y and Fenty Glow

    And samples of: Pro Filtr Longwear Foundation in 170 (my shade would be 150)

    Pro filtr Instant Retouch primer

    Pro filtr Amplifying eyeshadow primer

    Full Frontal Volumising mascara.

    But i do have the L'Oreal Paris Bambi Eyes and Voluminous mascara

    i can just tell I'll love your makeup collection if I ever see it!

    Thank you :) haha to tell you the truth I only just restarted my makeup collection as I very rarely wore makeup but this year I wanted to change that.

    The only high end makeup I got is Fenty Beauty and some samples of Charlotte Tilbury makeup.

    I'm happy that i have Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Pillow Talk, and a sample of her magic cream but I also want to add her Light Wonder Foundation and Airbrush Flawless to my collection (They're going to be my birthday presents to myself).

    Also hubby wants me to use up my makeup collection haha.