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  • Hii Becca! :froghype: It's been a while since we last talked :pleading: How are you doing?

  • Hi!

    • Hi!

    • Hru? Sorry for the late reply, I was having a hiatus and I'm only back for a short time.. Anyways what are the groups you stan?

    • I’m good, how are you? No worries I typically respond late 😊 I stan Vixx, Shinee, Exo, Monsta X, EXID and Day6.

      How are you?

    • I'm good too. I usually do not respond late, it's just I'm in hiatus rn so I just popped in but I think this will be my last day since my classes will almost start..

      How did you got into kpop btw?

    • I got into Kpop around Shinee Odd comeback. I was binging on YouTube and I stumbled on to the View music video and I really liked it.

      How did you get into Kpop?