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    How many mental midgets are going to stroll into this topic acting like its participants will be officially declared winners or losers once the dust settles? Unless my assets are being seized for expressing my views on AKP, I don't think I have a personal stake in a conflict between two company executives in a label I don't work for in a country I don't live in :pepe-joy:

    Winners and Losers? I think the losing has been piling up since this started weeks ago. Fifteen young women (plus/minus) have had shitty things said about them on all social medium platforms, their careers/their years of hard work jeopardized, other groups dragged in as collateral damage, employees who are just trying to make a living seeing their jobs threatened while CEO/Executives on both sides mud sling. Everyone in this mess has already lost.

    Thank you for you amazing unbiased summation.

    I am really sad that she used the members chat again when the case isn’t about the members but her own action as a CEO re the business side and potential illegal activities.

    but I know she is using them now to fight for her position as CEO and clearly saying the members are with her.

    If NJ members are already siding with her, I wish them luck. If she is fired and found guilty of the crimes, what will they do?

    I guess NJ can try and break their contracts to follow CEO Min out the door.