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    because it's edited . they are collecting reactions from many moments and making them appear as if the audience has watched Titanic 2

    mnet wants yeseo to be the n1, i feel so

    this is one of the worst episodes tbh. everything is forced and heavily edited . the performances aren't that great either

    I really dont get this yeseo hype

    she has a great voice tho

    I really want to know how My sea team lost to Fate. It was rather boring and overacted by the whole team. But tbh the group was so pushed from the start, so it shouldnt be a suprise.

    I loved Ice cream so much, but Salute was also great. Cai Bing was disappointing, never got the hype around her.

    Mafia was good but My house or All about you should have won.

    It's so early to have a favorite tbh, but Shen Xiao Ting is a very talented person imo, so she would be number 1. I don't know why was she only the 3rd.

    Hikaru is my 2nd. She looks like a very hard working, professional kind of person. I like that.

    All of the girls in top 9 are talented but some of the choices were pretty weird. And imo Wow thing was one of the best performances at the demo stages, it's weird how non of them made to top 9.

    - James Potter gets a lot of undeserving hate. First of all, I dislike bullies but blaming him for everything that happened to Snape is weird. Snape was into dark arts and had wannabe death eater friends, he chosen his own way. He had a miserable childhood but I am sorry he literally joined the DE which wanted to hunt down and kill muggleborns, a sad life does not justify that. And I feel like people started to victimize him too much.

    - Snape without Harry at Dumbledore's office >>>> Snape in every other book. He is a delight without Harry for real. He is actually likable.

    - Doesn't matter what happened in the past Snape had no right to treat Harry the way he treated him. Harry has nothing to do with his father's sin. No, Snape doesn't have to like him - he should have ignored him or be neutral with him. But Snape enjoyed humiliating him in front of other people, this was his sweet revenge but honestly? He literally picked a fight with a 11 y old child. And his fans still want to sell him as a mature person. In which universum?

    - Idk who started the Narcissa x Snape thing but they have to understand: 1, Narcissa had no one to go, only Snape could save Draco, ofc she was extremly nice with him and 2, Snape acted the way he acted because he was a spy and they already had a plan with Dumbledore. Ship who you want, fanfiction is okay, but let's not act like they had something going on.

    - I always felt like I have to like Sirius but I just can't. It's weird how he sees James in Harry and wants Harry to be more like James. In a way he is the same as Snape, but while Harry does not care about Snape's opinion, Sirius' opinion makes him upset and sad. I understand that people loved or hated James but Harry is Harry. He is similar to James and Lily but he is neither of them, he is his own person and he deserved to be treated as Harry not a replacment of someone else.

    - I don't get the hype around Draco or Luna.

    - Hermione is kinda annoying.Tbh the Golden Trio is kinda annoying. I get it, they are kids. I just don't think I could reread the series ever again.

    - Harry naming his kids after dead people is just hella weird. Why name them after such people? Why can't you give them a name which is only theirs? So they don't have to worry to "live up the name". I thought Harry learned what is it like when ppl constantly remind you how you are the same as someone else. How can that be a good feeling? And then he goes and does the same with his kids.

    - Neville and Ginny are both awesome characters.

    - I wish we could see more about Lily, I liked her few lines.

    Someone already said, but PJO and the characters of PJO are much better and likable.