Treasure fans fall in love with woo!ah!

  • "I was watching the last M Countdown episode for Treasure but I really enjoyed their stage. I found their stage cute and really fresh at the same time which surprised me. Usually I find cute concepts a little bit cringy but since there was some freshness in it I liked it! I also enjoyed the song: simple melody, not overproduced, not too much noise, catchy melody and not an awkward rap part. I stan!"

    "I'm a teume and it's my first time to watch them performing. And wow this song is a bop! It makes me want to support them!
    Ps. What's the name of their ending fairy? She's so cute♡"

    "Streaming for Treasure but fall in love with the first girl. HER LOW VOICE SINGING&RAPPING IS SO GOODDDDD

    "yesss all my teumes coming back after seeing woo ah 🥺 these girls deserve the world !!"

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