Most viewed K-pop official dance practice videos of all time (February 2021)

  • As always, video first:

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    BLACKPINK's all dance practice videos are charting in Top 20.

    ✅BLACKPINK's How You Like That is the one and only dance practice video surpassed 500M views.

    BTS's GOGO is the most viewed boy group dance practice video.

    Taeyang's RINGA LINGA is the most viewed soloist dance practice video.

    ✅Top 20 has 2 girl groups, 4 boy groups and 1 soloist.

  • I always see my students dance to BTS and BP, and girls really love BP choreos so I'm sure half of these views are by them! Haha, it's great.

    HYLT dance practice video is iconic!

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