JYP Hilariously Schools RAIN On Dancing

  • Who's Still Got It? 4

    1. JYP Papa (2) 50%
    2. RAIN Oppa (1) 25%
    3. JYP x RAIN (0) 0%
    4. Someone Call The Old Folks Home (1) 25%

    JYP Hilariously Schools RAIN On Dancing

    Old man JYP who swears he's still got it.

    Showing the young bucks what they're missing.

    RAIN isn't completely convinced.

    Great segment on them dancing.

    JYP and Rain are hilarious together.

    Really seem like an uncle and his nephew.

    Starts at 5:30.

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  • now you know where and how jyp get his idea for lyrics, just sitting or moving around and mumbling gibberish:

    "doongdoong, tiki tiki bam"

    "jahn jahn jaka jaka jahn"

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