PSY x JYP "Loud" 10-min interview teaser (English subbed)

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    PSY and JYP discuss the upcoming audition show where they will be judges, each forming their own boy group. They talk about the new criteria of authenticity and creativity they are looking for rather than singing or dancing, as well as whether they would select the teenage versions of each other. Then they engage in psychological warfare about how they will fight over the same candidate and stress the benefits of their agency over the other.

    My own thoughts: I think it's interesting how both SBS and the two judges have recognised that the trend in Kpop is changing from constructed images to real and authentic artistry, which is why they came up with the concept for this show rather than just continuing K-pop Star. Also interesting how the competition format is different in having two first-place groups, rather than just one winner. I also wonder what PSY's criteria for selection will be like, and whether we're going to see a lot of (friendly) dissing between the judges in the same way that The Voice has.

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