*REACT* Option Choice (New) = "READ" (Suggesting)

  • Added Later: AKP FORUMS has ADDED now this 'READ' *React* Choice (Red Button at bottom) as was suggested here ... THANKS !!! ... I think that it will get used increasingly over time , is my guess on it ... :thumbup:


    I could WISH to just INDICATE via the MESSAGE *REACT* choices ...

    that I "READ" it (the MESSAGE) ... One word "READ" would be okay.

    Meaning that I chose to NOT say 'LIKE' it , or 'WOW' it , or as that ...

    I only want to indicate as "I did Read , and Understand" (somewhat) ...

    I would prefer "READ" over "WOW" as a 'REACT' choice. So substitute

    "READ" if that is the only 'easy way' to get "READ" as a 'REACT' choice.

    Also , I wish that AKP ARTICLES side had that same option added too ...

    I tend to *not* DOWN VOTE if at all possible ... I always think that

    IF you do not agree on something , you should REPLY and say something

    to explain that ... But just my preference ...

    So , okay , enough said ... :|

    (I removed my 'humor' , it was not that good anyway) ... ;)

  • Okay , additionally , I propose a 'once a month' INSULT *REACT* choice ...

    It could be CHANGED 'once per month' to a different INSULT *REACT* ...

    The notion is a Moderator Approved 'INSULT' of the Month = REACT choice ...

    (Note: I am editing this below now , but it seems an improvement to me)

    MAYBE the AKP MODERATORS should have an *approved* list of INSULTS that can be aimed at other AKP Users ... Words like "TWIT" ... "HALF BAKED" ... "AIR HEAD" ... While they are 'insulting' , they are , to me , not so bad to post them , even aimed at another AKP User ... And , to have an 'approved list' of 'Insults' , does also 'stake out' the notion that *stronger* INSULTS get PUNISHED and are NOT ACCEPTABLE ... In other words , pick your INSULT from the MODERATOR APPROVED LIST , if you will ... :|

  • these 2!!

    HAN SEO HEE <-- "Time to MARK YOUR TERRITORY" (again) ... 8o

    Maybe REACT = "PEE" , would be interesting , the ICON ??? ... 8|

    It could be 'tricky' to create ICON = 'Male Standing and Streaming' ... ;)

    But honestly , do you like the Moderator Approved 'INSULT' of the Month

    for a REACT choice as an notion ???

  • "Read" and agree with first two paragraphs. Ability to comprehend dwindled after that.

    Yes , actually , the added REACT = "READ" option idea , was the main one. So , I feel *complimented* that you would agree on that one as a good idea ... The idea of adding a REACT = 'Insult of the Month' (Moderator Approved) is not necessary ... BUT I thought that you could use like REACT = "TWIT" (with appropriate ICON) for amusement ... Nothing really bad about it ... And to REACT = "PEE" on some MESSAGE , seems not so bad either ... People do 'relieve themselves' now and then ... But again , THANKS on the REACT = "READ" support ... :|

  • krell

    Changed the title of the thread from “*REACT* Option Choice (New) = "Read It" (Suggesting)” to “*REACT* Option Choice (New) = "READ" (Suggesting)”.
  • "Read" and agree with first two paragraphs. Ability to comprehend dwindled after that.

    The 'READ' *React* Choice is now ACTIVE and can be used ... I did use it now on the MESSAGE from you , that I did REPLY to it here ... :)

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