Thoughts on the feasibility of a USB connected ALU card.

  • I was thinking I wanted to make a discreet processor using npn transistors. Ive already gotten a 100MHz clock and plan on buying the hundreds of transistors to make a simple 128 bit computer with lots of ALU cores. Was wondering if this kind of processor could help do auxillary computing by using an fpga to directly write to a "system memory" via a usb connection? I've already done a relay computer but due to how wrapped up the registries were (and the sheer size and noise that honker has) I decided that it was not a good idea to try to create a usb "interpreter" for it. btw I plan to slow down the 100Mhz clock to about 1mhz to switch 2n2222 transistors via a free wheeling binary counter made of STSA1805 transistors.

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