Give me one pic of your fave group or soloist and i guess their chemistry

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Give me one pic your pic of your fave group or soloist and i guess their chemistry” to “Give me one pic of your fave group or soloist and i guess their chemistry”.
  • S.Coups: This young man is really fast and straightforward, talkative, clever and intelligent. He is not the guy who take things slowly. He is a speedy when it comes to thinking and decision making. He is competitive and love to get the attention and like to be a little extra. He is someone who can be controlling and chained by his own stubborn ways like a slave to his negative habits. Maybe someone who is very sensitive to addictions. like gaming/drugs/food/alcohol etc. he has the needs of it. If someone hurts him he make sure to step on their toes. He is ambitious and competitive and striving for success. He is not afraid of conflicts, He is very stable and powerful. This is someone who loves people, nature and animals.

    Jeonghan: First of all this person is normally a very happy person, he loves to bring people together and celebrate. But he is someone who have difficulties by sharing his emotions and feelings, he won’t show or tell his emotions verbally. Because he is guarding his heart. He maybe feels that he is the wrong place and that the world around him stagnant and stuck. He may feel often miserable. He believe there is somewhere better. Stuck with toxic patterns He is afraid of failure.

    Joshua: This person is very creative and have amazing abilities. He is very successful with every direction he may choose, He is a manifesto but he doesn’t know how to use it. because he feel stuck and he puzzles a lot. as if he his holding himself back. He is afraid to show all his talents. He is afraid to be judged and also he may feel often misunderstood while he focused more on appearance over substance and truth. He likes to avoid responsibility and hide. He often gets confused and feel lost in his head and unable to see the bigger picture. This person make sure that he showed his gratefulness to people that he loved. family friends and his community means everything for him.

    Jun: This is someone who puts efforts into the way they look and are very passionate and sensual people. He is very attractive and passionate. His appearance and his image is important to him and he cares what other people think of him. He is someone who likes to date around to feel whole. he may sometimes be grumpy or moody, and need someone who can make him lightened up. and can be indecisive. He might sometimes feel that he is unable to deliver what the audience/co-workers/other parties wants from him. He may feel unsupported in his work. He is someone who wants to make someone happy and give the emotional fulfillment. He is dreaming for a happily ever after, Having a family, career, house. He is romantic and put his children and partner on a pedestal.

    Hoshi: This person is a young-soul, he may act or behave immature, is because he is not fully developed as a person, he is still growing and learning to become better and a mature human. He is a free-thinker, someone who seeks freedom, and is idealistic. He is life student that always is learning. He needs to feel accepted by others to open up. He is sensitive and gentle, warm and sweet. He maybe act a little shy at first. He is very good at telling others that he is fine and happy, even when he isn’t. He is youthful and playful. He is someone who wants to impress others and can act needy or greedy to materialistic or emotional things. He is caring towards others, He will forgive someone easily after a fight or conflict. He is patient and artistic.

    Wonwoo: This person is clever and his mind is full of ideas. He has great communication skills and is intellect how he wants to tell his message. He will confront the issue and will not lose an argument. He love taking a risk, He constantly need to get stimulated and is competitive. Sometimes he get lost in his head and need to be grounded. He believe things are a lot worse than they actually are. He is someone who will hide in the background and he is hardly noticeable He feel emotionally misunderstood. On the brighter side this person is very warm, sensual, loving, charismatic and beautiful. He is creative and have nurturing instinct. He is a family-oriented person.

    Woozi: This person is mysterious and intuitive. Someone who is secretive and private and will not share his vulnerable side to others. Until his guts told him it feels right to do so. He has a hard shell and isnt easy to understand who he is as a person. only his closest friends and family knows him the best. He have a lot to do with facing his fears in order to grow stronger. They sometimes need to lie or hide their truth out of fear of others reactions. He may sometimes feel a outsider. Maybe health and mental issues and may need help from others. He is highly developed when it come to his intuition and is sensitive. He is wise and kind and nurture to others. He is empathic and he is good with children and animals. He put the blame on himself first and reflect on it.

    DK: This person is always busy and active, when he needs his rest he is loved to have his own quality time (alone time). To recharge his energy. He knows how to make his workplace to a playground and try to have fun with his friends and co-workers. He is someone who goes with the flow. He sees his job as his hobby, and he don’t need much money to live happy. He is independent and active in mind and observant, maybe sometimes dishonest about some things. He is most of the times positive and he is always in a blissful state. He wants a harmonious life and avoid toxic people. (stay out of the drama.) He has a strong idealistic values and very romantic towards lovers. He will gives his lover everything.

    Mingyu: He is someone who thinks quick and fast. no hesitation, and not patient. everything needs to happen now. He is opinionated and may sometimes step on other people’s toes by accident for being too clever and intelligent, and being talkative. even though he may steps on others people toes he is someone who dont like conflicts at all. He will often carry the load to keep others happy. When he feels attacked he may feel emotionally and be dramatic about it. He see the world in different perspective, He daydream often and is visionary. This guy is genius but will not always noticed that side of him. He is someone who will get easily offended or hurt. He don’t really know how it feels to be secure. and has doubts about love. He may is anxious about rejection or get hurt. While he may is a jealous type when it comes to his lover.

    The8: He is optimistic, happy, confident, he is youthful and carefree, no matter what age he is, He is very sensual. He may sometimes be stuck with his past. He avoid his confrontational emotions by seeking pleasures and sensual experiences. He seems like a happy person but on the inside his tears are behind his smile. He is very kind. He may sometimes act immature. but he also may feel alone he is kinda desperate for love and often looking for it at the wrong place and time. He maybe is needy and have emotional issues.

    Seungkwan: This person is creative and intuitive, He is skillful and has a lot of knowledge. He dream big and he move successfully in any path he will choose. He speaks his mind and is intellect. He is someone who will use his intelligent to manifest. Play smart or don’t play at all is this person. This person is focused on long term goals and ambitious. He loves to go for an adventure and being patient is not his strongest point. He may sometimes put others first and forget about himself. he find it difficult to say no to others and he loves to make others happy instead of himself. He will look to a lot of sides of the situation and use his logical brain to make a fair decision/conclusion. Justice is his value.

    Vernon: He is wise and smart, he is self-reliant and confident. He enjoy spending alone in his own space. He knows who he are and he isn’t afraid to show it. He always seems to be in a good mood and loves to bring people together. He will make sure that everything that he will organized will looks beautiful and perfect. He also make sure that he looks amazing too. He is fun to be with and is full of smiles and giggles. He is carefree and lay back. He loves to work together as a team and will be a kind/nice co-worker to team up with. He is always ready to help other people. People can rely on him.

    Dino: He is warm,loving and charismatic, and beautiful. He will show openly his affection towards others. He is intelligent and artistic. He cares about the environment and he will be a excellent parent/partner. He is protective and maybe a little possessive. He sometimes have moments that he is unable to relax. His mind is full and messy, he may has troubles with his messy room. He may sometimes feel a little ill. He is sensitive and will also get hurt easily and is afraid of rejection, hurt or loss. He is hungry for success and money. He also is stubborn and isn’t a fan of taking advice from others. He may have some control issues.

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    She is in the energy of making baby steps, now and doing it! Her journey is wide, the idea made seems scary but the idea is only an illusion of the truth. There is no need to hurry, She brings consistency and willpower. She knows she has the whole world on her back to support her. There is possibility for a solo or subunit or any new activity. Somehow her energy is good, she is focusing on her own journey and her home, at work she is very flexible. She is heading for a promotion in the music scene. The futuristic plans for the long term success has been seeded, where she gets a new creative opportunity to work, she is asking herself if this will work out ?

    Her energy in her love life is mysterious and private, it shows me that she is emotionally unstable for manifesting a lover. I also sense that she and him (her ex) are not really done with each other… The chapter seems not closed yet.



    Nayeon has the same energy as jihyo. She might join Jihyo in a subunit, There are 2 options where she can choose and she might choose to commit the same energy and journey as Jihyo.

    Unnecessary drama in her love life… She is wounded, none of these negative thoughts aren´t the truth now. She only protects herself by her past, not wanting to happen again. maybe afraid for all goods that are coming for her? But it’s time to take a new risk of entering a new chapter of getting to know this person. Mature man, who got impressive and passionate charismatic traits. Creative in his hobbies. Definitely an artistic person. His hair color could have been reddish/orange color before. His height is tall. above 180 cm+?



    She is one with her own rhythm of her own cycle. Back to her normal life. She had to be patient in this process. She is still resting but it tells me that she is on the right path. Improvements in her personal life. Right now she cant promise yet to participate, but she is dreaming to be part of it and new options and opportunities she might have if she is getting better. I see her participate 2021 around midyear or after midyear.

    Her partner is practical and financially stable. He might have opened her eyes… He might have offered her help or a sweet offer. He is thinking a lot about his long-term goals. He might own a business and he seems wealthy. He might have an earth sign, like Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn in his chart. He could be a businessman or an actor. blackhair with undercut. Height 179-186 cm.



    She is smiling and having fun, She is active and might practice a lot in the gym or dance her asses off these days. She is curious that she might hang out alot with Sana these days. There is lots of laughter in her energy and lots of tea. Like a Girls Night, just girls that want to have fun!

    The card tells me that the relationship with Heechul has ended, someone has walked away from this connection, sensing abandonment and rejection. acceptance that things that she cannot change.



    A new chapter is present. The theme is about grounding, and physical change, She is one with her true nature. Counting down the days. She is communicative and playful, she is fast and expressive.

    She has a partner for a lifetime. It might be possible that they will get married soon but that the dates will be postponed due to the external situations. She shares a harmonious connection with her partner. She is ready to co-create. There are still things that need to be improved in. But I see positive things at this time for her and her partner. Ready to stand their both feet on the ground and create. creating beauty, and miracles.



    She takes a step back and her energy is calming, While she is calm she also has some power within. She is aware of her situation and takes a small breath to and takes small steps instead of impulsively making a decision, because she most of the time dwells in someone’s needs and opinions. She makes priorities for herself.

    There is a man in her life, who might have the air sign in his charts… ( Gemini, Libra or Aquarius). Someone who is rational, serious and honest, someone who is very professional in his work and perfectionist. It seems like they are having a committed relationship. The relationship seems really peaceful. I do still feel it is someone from SM ENT. ( I suspect a Shinee member?).



    This person communicates, being together with her friends and making connections and bonding. Even at those moments she needs to also learn to rely on her own and not too much on someone’s shoulder. She is an extravert and she loves to share things and do things together. She is also asking for some advice and help from others, it feels like home.

    There is a new lover, new feelings in her love life. His approach was quick and straightforward. It was a click that fits. with no obstacles. They are in the stage of getting to know each other as lovers and having dates to explore like an adventure. If I could dive in his personality he seems to have some major boldness and impulsiveness in his approach, Someone that wants to explore and experience new opportunities. someone with a bright mindset. making new exciting plans. feeling playful and having fun. someone who is young at heart. I suspect someone around (1996) SM ENT.



    She is sensitive and protective about her getting her feelings hurt. She is in a transformation for a new perspective but right now she is protecting her space. Giving her the time to grow is a way to make her come out of her cocoon, she just wants to be stronger. Because she is more used to avoiding opportunities that might be good for her, but sounds scary for her. She wants to think more realistic. Longing to change in a new color of her own growth.

    She might not be in a relationship but friends with someone who she might have a small crush on. She is kinda afraid to lose her control. so she stays closed for a little. Missing the small materialistic opportunity. But there will be unspoken messages to the surface. Honesty and positive talks are presented between him and her.



    She is feeling positive, happy, talkative… She is fast with messages. She is in a great expressive mood. There are no uneasy thoughts around her. She is flexible, being adaptable without compromising. Willing to learn new things and new skills. I see her thinking about trying some activities on her own. A new opportunity at work? baby steps for that new chance.

    She might be in a romantic relationship, but the man may not be an idol. She is recovering her past wounds and she is moving forwards. carrying stress and burdens but she is almost there. there is no way to give up. It is heavy on her shoulder.

  • Okay Wow! :wow:

    I was not expecting this...i really appreciate you for going through each member so thoroughly!

    A lot of your points seem accurate! A lot of them are same as my interpretation of the members!

    Now i am do you like Seventeen? Are you a fan? This doesn't look like a casual guessing.... :nervousk:

  • Namjoon

    He seems to be stubborn and don´t let go of his position easily. He is someone with a cool vibe. A powerful risk taker. plenty of confidence. He have the power to make others feel confidence as well. The cards also said He is an excellent leader and people are drawn to their magnetic personality. He have talents to make someone feel special. He is genuine concern and consideration for other people well-being. He is a free-thinker and he have the tendency to be dramatic (positive way) and are great storytellers.


    He is always seems to be in a good mood, he loves bringing people that he love together and celebrate. He is normally very happy person. He is fun and hilarious to be with full of smiles and giggles. He is very wise and smart. He is very confident and self-reliant, he loves the finer things in life. He knows who he is and isn´t afraid to show it. He may have an unhealthy lifestyle habit but i dont know what?


    He is really talented and is creative. This person is working hard even it is burdens him. He is someone who is really helpful to others. He unnecessary blame himself and feel guilt, He feels responsible for it and trapped himself by work. He please people but he should think more to himself. He is someone who get easily offended and hurt, is scared for rejections. He is difficult to give his heart away. This man isn´t fully open for others to come in. He is afraid that every person is the same and that the situation is the same. He is hard to connect. Even if he is in relationship. He fastly let it go or run away.


    Very friendly and if you approach him he is kindest person you will meet. He is very strong and have the ability to succeed. He has the public recognition as well and family adoration. He is very optimistic and loves his family and loves children. He is very much-loved. He is the person who try brighten things up when it is dark. He is someone who is gonna please others. Sometimes he don´t know what to do with himself and sometimes insecure about how to act or behave.


    Is someone who loves to study and improve himself. He wants to grow and learn and he think is important to reflect on it. He has a great focus to learn, he is also pratical and he learn fast when it comes to physical skills. He is very sensitive and have a soft heart. He is fastly a target by other people´s cruel behaviour. He worries a lot and struggle for perfection. He is really creative and talented. He feels really exhausted and worn out. He believes if he keeps going he will earn the succes that he wants. He help others but he dont want to get help by others. He unnecessary feeling guilt or blame himself and it makes him feel trapped. He is giver and he try to please everyone.


    He is very patient and want take things slowly by by achieving goals in his future. He is friendly personality. He feels happy when he is in a deep and meaningful relationship. He will do almost anything for love. He is the one who will make a lot of effort for his partner. He is really romantic. Sometimes he got lost in his head and unable to see other pictures, he often feel misunderstood.


    He is someone who is chill and relaxed, he dont easily get worried when it is not unnecessary. He is very wise and intelligent, he have power and is ambitious. He is truthful and honest person and very loyal to his loved once. clever and is very competitive he is someone who will win in an argument. He is in for justice and he wont let go of the position. sometimes he get lost in his head and need to be grounded to feel balance again.

  • G-dragon

    feeling/thoughts right now: lack of teamwork, indicate a dissatisfaction or lack of camaraderie among his co-worker. confused. He has no the control over it.

    future career: He will gain his own power and control in his career, he is ready for it. He is the one who creates his own destiny in his own career. His work will be worth it, feeling completed emotionally


    feelings/thoughts: He still feel he can’t control his addictions. Is a factor to feel lack of confidence, unhealthy self-esteem. struggling losing his sight of goals. Causing him to fail right now.

    Future: Sudden change. Aware of the opportunities that are opening for him. Great omen will be coming, something positive, keeping moving forward of a situation full of potential.


    Feelings/thoughts: An end of something to forgive. It’s time to move on and move forward. Because the damage of his career is already done. He wants to become the best version of himself and present this side to the public. Justice.

    Future: Important results, willpower and open recognition from the public. Honesty and justice. He will do what is right for him. He believes in himself to the fullest.


    feeling/thoughts: responsibility and patience, very helpful to other right now as if he is an vocal coach to YG trainees in the meantime. Professional projects.

    Future: Pressured at work, unexpected changes, luck is on his side.


    feeling/thoughts: trying to balance his career and personal life and the conflicts, wanting to things to be fair. Feeling defeated.

    Future: Pressured/stress needs time and waiting…. He is feeling stuck, negative thoughts and pattern that is from his anxiety. Stuck moving forward in his career, very difficult for him.

    Big bang future as group: Cede control and let events unfold. Letting go of something… It is like it will be the right time to forgive someone and to forgive them, that could be the key to resolving the situation in positives. Even though it is for their mistakes in life or bad decisions it is part of learning and lesson. Awaking of the awareness. Their hard work will paying off. They will be more disciplined and responsible with work to reach goals. It is kinda still unsure what will happen to this group in the future. They have the potential to comeback but it depends on their own individual issues. Each of the members carries a heavy baggage. They need time and find a way to let go and move forward and start a new beginning in their career. It will not a easy journey. They will be working hard for themselves more. Some members willing to do solo but also maybe collab or just in trio promotions. But for a long time they need to find a way to losen their heavy baggage. To resolve to forgive and learn to forgive them and learn. Humans will never be perfect but they are willing to become a better person.

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    JUNGWON: He is someone who is mentally mature and looks at situations with an objectively mindset. He can make great decisions, and is honest and truthful due in what he needs and what he doesn’t need. He might sound very serious but he also loves to see humor in every situation. He might be young but He is independent, realistic, experienced and very wise.

    Messages from angels/spirit (general reading):

    He is taking his time alone, wanting to reflect and learn and back in his inner-world. He is hoping because he might have a straight poker face and sitting in his leader role but inside of him, he still feels lacking some confidence, his insecurities not seeing the worth in himself. a bit lost how things will go. He is focusing on what would go wrong. He is alone to reflect himself and improve his negative thinking. He stays rational and logical.

    HEESEUNG: He is someone who just goes with the flow, in this life he has to learn and grow in his emotional development, there is something that he needs to learn how to balance his emotions. Because he seems to have some mood swings when he is overwhelmed. He might not be aware of his lesson yet but because of the imbalance in his emotions it can make him puzzle with his mind, and unhealthy beliefs. Because he needs to be sure and see the security to feel balanced from others. His mind is much stronger. He is intelligent, consistent and a fast learner . Someone who will be a great student. His ideas will be helpful for his career.

    Messages from angels/spirit (general reading):

    Also for him he is logical and straight to the point but he went through some moments of fears and worries in the past couple of weeks. Now he is trying to release that and recover from it. he is still feeling overwhelmed by his emotions. He might not understand how to handle his emotions. He rather be logical than emotional. Because emotions make him feel like he feels blind and trapped.

    JAY: This person is unstoppable, he is focused and creative, he is a perfectionist and is idealistic. He is ambitious and very charismatic. His fire passion can create things but also to destroy. His attentive and fastforward nature is a good trait but if he overdue that it can lead to conflicts for his career and love life. He needs to learn how to think first before he act, or else he will end up feeling regret for his actions by accidentally hurting others for being too fast and attentive. But he will learn in the long-term run. cus that is his lesson to learn. He is overall a nice person, but he might act too quickly before he thinks.

    Messages from angels/spirit (general reading):

    He is thinking deep, and doubting while planning towards the future. The plant has seeds and it only needs time to grow. He might feel trapped by uncertainty and feeling lack of direction. But he is surrounded by the people who are helping him out and supporting him by his close friends.

    JAKE: This person is organized and logical, He has good disciplines and his lifestyle is structured. He also has an authority side of him that can also be a great leader role. He is a stable person when it comes to physics, fit and sportive. What he needs to learn is getting to know his other members more and learn the difference between cultures. He accepts others for who they are and is open to learning from others. He might also sound like a father role in the group. He helps others to be disciplined and change your lifestyle in a healthy one. He might be a good person who has good influences and good intentions. He might sound strict or serious but his only intention is to help you out. Cus he cares about you.

    Messages from angels/spirit (general reading):

    He might be feeling emotionally overwhelmed and blocked as if he has to recover or heal from a past lover. Love life vs career basically. But he chose to stay in his position (his career). It caused him hurt and turmoil. He is cutting the person out of his life and trying to heal his wounds. By staying focused on his career goals.

    SUNG HOON: He has good social skills and he might have a lot of idol friends too, he might be a nice friend, He focuses on the positives and having fun. He rather dropped all the expectations and responsible that he used to wear in the best. He lets others take the lead, while he wants to lay back and follow his true dreams without having too many responsibilities. This person has the talent to have many skills. He is multitalent and will never stop improving. He is someone who puts a lot of effort in his skills.

    Messages from angels/spirit (general reading):

    Right now he has to deal with people who are giving him a hard time, trying to block him from his dreams and goals. Saying that he shouldn’t do this or that. Trying to manipulate and persuade him. He might not tell this problem to someone else. He is trying to be bold and rush off when his friends are asking about what is going on. It is something sensitive for him and he feels vulnerable and uncomfortable to share it. dealing with two options and two choices but he chose not to take an option. He is going for his own goals. but this situation makes him feel stuck and trapped. The person who talked him down might be someone from his family.

    SUNOO: This person might have to deal with a lot of hurt and pain in the past. He is now working on healing and recovering those scars from his past. He might have a great bond with a motherly figure who he feels thankful and grateful. He might sometimes feel confused when it comes to new people but he is cautious and careful. He is loving and caring when you create a bond with him. The love of his mother figure makes him who he is. I always feel that he missed a father figure or someone very important in his life. That made him feel like something is lacking. I find him very sad but he learns to focus more on the people who are around. He is very smart and talented. soft on the inside, and harsh on the outside. the softness from the mother figure and the coldness of the fatherly figure. He takes good care of his members

    Messages from angels/spirit (general reading):

    He is really a soft loving person, he might also have that rebellious harsh cold attitude side of him that also kinda feels cool and badass and a bit asshole. But that is only his protection magnetism. He will not be open to strangers that easily. Some people might misunderstand that and make a big deal out of it. But He doesn’t want to show his vulnerable side too fast. (as if he is the ICE KING). He might not always feel like he fits with the society as well. But he is very good with protecting others and building a secure home/base for his future career. He might not show his feelings and emotions through words. He hides it but will show his gratitude to actions and deeds.

    NIKI: He is very feminime and powerful, he has big dreams and he will make that true. He is warm and sweet to others and also to himself. He takes good care of himself. He always shows the people his best version of himself. People praise him for that. He also has a lot of love for nature and animals. He is authestic and youthful person who has a lot of opportunity to blossom. The birth of new ideas and creation. sensitive and emotionally balanced. People don’t know what to expect but he is capable of a lot of hidden skills.

    Messages from angels/spirit (general reading):

    He might feel a bit disappointed cus he is working on improvements and an authority figure like a teacher. The figure must have some critics and feedback in an honest truthful way to help him. But Niki takes it personally and feels not good enough and is working harder to approve the figure. He is skipping some events or group activities to work on his skills. He might be a bit stubborn but he sure works hard. Nothing to worry about.

  • This sounds very accurate for each one of them. Hopefully everything will turn out great for the boys :lover3:

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