My STAYC's Asap Review

  • Disclaimer: The things I am going to say are purely my opinions. They are not facts!!!!

    I first encountered STAYC here on this forum since everyone was talking about ASAP and I asked one of the users about them and they gave me So Bad and ASAP. At first listen, I did not really like it (It takes me a while to warm up to songs with cute songs and I did not really watch the whole video). But then I decided to give it a try again after a while and this time I listened to the whole video and I liked it. I started to listen to it more and it started to grew on me. Currently it is one of fav songs with the cute concept. Usually, I don't listen cute songs often and I am picky with them. I am not really surprised that I grew to like ASAP since I did not really like What Is Love? at first (currently my favorite song with the cute concept). So if you are like me and you don't really like songs with cute concepts I suggest you listen to them over and over and you might start to like it. I think my favorite parts of the song are the chorus, post chorus, and the bridge. As of right now, I don't stan them, but maybe in the future I might. So what do you guys think of ASAP by STAYC?

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