this weird dream I had today

  • it wasn't that interesting ig but I actually remember it now because I wrote it down on a piece of paper after I woke up

    plus some of it might not make that much sense unless you are me or actually know me irl haha

    also there's part 1 and part 2 because I woke up after part 1 (and wrote it down) and went back to sleep and dreamt part 2 (but I didn't write it down in time, so I only remember about half of it (and the second half is where the main connection is to part 1) but oh well

    (also I basically just copied from what I wrote down in my notebook and I was half-asleep so my grammar and stuff is a little off)

    A little background info:

    *LM was one of my friends in 8th grade, she was in 7th grade and I lost contact with her after that :( (I went to highschool)

    *NT was also one of my friends in 8th grade, he was actually in 8th grade (the only person in 8th grade other than me in one of my classes because it was electives and I got put in the class full of 7th graders for some reason lmaoo)

    *LM and NT were in the same cooking (elective) class as me and we were all friends

    *L is from some youtube channel (idk why he was in my dream lmaoo) and irl he's younger than me I believe (I think the same age as LM, who's 1 year younger than me?)

    *we are all in college in the dream

    *I say the "blue bathroom" in the last paragraph, it's one of the bathrooms in my house and my family basically calls the rooms by what color they are (or were haha, because the "blue bathroom" is brown, not blue anymore)

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