[teens stories] Korean young generation beauty standard became too unnatural

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    It seems like girls' preferences have become somewhat choding-like. Just thinking about how they only consider pretty features like big eyes, full thick lips, high nose, sausage-like double eyelids and comb-pattern pottery-like face. They overlook those who have more refined or elegant beauty with a prominent jawline or a graceful looks by calling them "average".

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    1. [+45, -2]
    For real, I feel like the taste of beauty is slowly turning like those of Chinese people. Plastic surgery is as common as eating food.

    2. [+44, -7]
    The real deal are people with innocent and clean image like Kazuha and Suzy

    3. [+28, -2]
    For real, the sense of beauty nowadays has hit rock bottom

    4. [+17, -3]
    We need to have another face like that coming. There hasn't been anyone with a pretty face like Suzy ever since. I know that Kazuha and Arin are pretty too but they don't have Suzy's impact...

    5. [+8, 0]
    For real, even for face shape, they only like those f*cking skinny egg shaped face

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  • It's sad how Korean beauty standards for young people are becoming so artificial. Embracing diverse beauty would make everyone feel more accepted and confident!

  • A fine example of a place with extreme superiority and inferiority complex. They think they every other country in Asia especially southeast. Yet they hate the features they were born with, so much pride yet no pride for what sets them apart?

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