Venus Commune Fashion Week: SpaceForce Jumpsuits, Space Medicine Academy Uniforms & GirlšŸ–¤Force Fitness Gear

  • I am watching the TAETROMETER stream today of the Venus Commune Fashion Week that ended on February 10 last month..

    It's recorded for SONEs unable to ascend to Venera 9 Station to view it live.

    For the first time in over 9 centuries, The Jade Empress & Ceasar Galactus 9 have appeared before Humans in the same location as Honorary Runway Judges.

    SpaceForce displayed 9 different Jumpsuit Designs that will brighten the wardrobes of our future Space System Technicians.

    Space Medicine Academy showcased the future of Educational Attire with Third Millenium Innovations of The Classic Coco Jacket, Black Watch Skirt and Doc Marten AirWear Boots.

    And GirlšŸ–¤Force Fitness rocked FashionWeek Fashionistas with STRETCH Graphene Yoga Pants and stole the show with the FemtoForged Taeyeonic Energy Powered HOVERCLOAK. The HoveCloak is an ankle long, hooded cloak with flared sleeves that is made out of a proprietary Taenyite & Taenium twill that can be zipped up like a sleeping bag AND is capable of Stealth Cloaking & Levitating it's wearer.

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