OMFG! The Visuals of Chuang 2021

  • These are the top rated trainees so far on Chinese social media.

    The visuals alone are overwhelming. The Chuang series kids are so fucking beautiful every season. OMGAWDDDD!

    1. Liu Yu

    2. Zhou Keyu

    3. Gan Wangxing

    4. Mika

    5. Nuo Yan

    6. Lin Mo

    7. Zan Duo

    8. Zhang Jia Yuan (185CM guitar player!)

    9. Kazuma (Harvard!)

    10. Wu Yuheng

    Why do I watch survival shows? This!

  • Yasss!! I love Chuang 2021!!My favs are up there lol. the final line-up tho - poor Oscar and Caelan. Makes me wish they did a 12 member group instead of 11

    Everyone is Charismatic, Sensational and Beautiful - Practically perfect in every way.


    "또 새롭게 피어나고, 숨을 참았지 안갯속의 너를 찾아낸 순간"

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