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  • Hello! Glad to find you here, how have you been?

    Have you listened to Baek's new album?

    • Hi, I'm a little bit lost here.

      I haven't :(. (only title song), hope it will be as nice as Delight.

    • Same. I'm not as active as I used to be anymore.

      Oh I liked it. My favorites are Whippin', Drown and Disapeared.

    • What do you do recently tho?

      I feel like I mistreat EXO after last time we talked about the "issue" of Chen. lol

      I'm so sad that my badges were all gone tho.

    • Just keeping myself safe and loving EXO.

      It's ok. It takes a lot of time and adjustment coping with news like that. Sometimes people never come back. How are you doing anout it these days?

      This new forums awards the first badge for free. There is a thread for that. You can request a badge there.

  • Lonely here