• Hey Norm, how ya been? I hope you're havin' a great summer mang! 8)

  • sup brother! :sunglasses:

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    • redest du nicht mehr? you were in my profile tho! :)

    • bro.. this is so heartbreaking ;(;( :-D :-D i'm so freaking delighted to see you back and alive but i'm also disappointed to know that we wouldnt be able to really enjoy it again.. which is on me not on you haha.. idk this forum totally lost me atm.. weird people, weird threads, weird everything.. or its just that k-entertainment/news are just annoying as heck the last few months.. just enjoying dramas and music to myself without endulging into this world atm.. too much drama and cancelculture hahaha

      and yeah lotta things have changed in my life too, found a new love and my career is taking a huge turn so i dont really have a lot of time on me, thats why i just stalked you a bit yesterday and wanted to wait and take my time to give you a response you deserve! <3

      alright now to you :D how you're doing brother? what took you so long hahahaha maybe you can get me back into this shit here hahah

  • first :dancer:

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    • :lover1:

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    • How are you, norman? 👉🏻👈🏻

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    • i'm great! :D Epik Highs album got me in a real good mood today hahaha but i'm still kinda fighting the buggyness with this forum somehow :/

      what about you? and when will Steve be back ;(

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    • I haven't tried listening to it yet. I've been so down lately. You'll get use to the forum I'm sure of it hehe Steve is not coming back ;(

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    • oh no is there a specific reason you're down ? :c

      yeah hope so .. need to fullfil my Chungha duties.. :S kinda dissappointed in me as a designer not being able to maneuver through a forum hahaha , dont know the god damn links (twitter etc.) always change to their title and not their actual url, if i copy them from the top of my browser, so its not so convenient to put it between "[/media]". Need to go to share first and then copy the url blabla or edit the link in the forum post before i can embed the player or post directly.. just some extra clicks but its annoying haha

      mh.. thats a bummer, but hey its not the first time he said that :wink: lets have faith in him! xD