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  • Happy First of October!! (Your fave month) I can’t wait to watch horror movies together 😌 :yellow-heart:

  • Will you and hypernova get married soon? I mean, here on allkpop

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    • probably not,

      i still don't know how to use this site properly other than posting, i didn't know you could forum marry people until your message lol

    • it costs a few akorns to marry someone, there are 4 tiers of how deep the bonding is. The first tier costs 250 akorns

  • I wish I would've thought about your username when I created my account here... It's so cool!
    Stan Haerinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (And yes Catgirl is supposed to be a Haerin reference)

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    • you're too sweet! i love your username!! haerin stans uniteeeee

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