• I. Introduction

    Ireh is a south korean singer under RBW and the dancer and vocalist of girl group PURPLE KISS.

    II. Career

    In February 2020, she was introduced as a member of the trainee team 365 Practice.

    On July 21, she was announced as the first member of PURPLE KISS.

    III. Ireh Facts

    - Charm points: Weird expressions.

    - Favorite time of the day: Before sleeping.

    - She believes that aliens don’t exist.

    - She likes Spongebob.

    - She's good at drawing

    - She is a former trainee under YG Entertainment.

    - Dosie Ireh and Chaein choreographed the song “My Heart Skip a Beat”.

    - 3 words that describe her are positive, dance, and squirrel.

    - Her personality is shy around strangers, and is high-tension.

    - Song She Sing Often: “Any Song” by Zico

    - She joined the group in February, 2020.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)