• I. Introduction

    Dosie is a south korean singer under RBW and the dancer and vocalist of the girl group PURPLE KISS.

    II. Career

    In October 2017, she became a contestant on the survival show MIXNINE and she was eliminated in episode 8 after ranking 74th place.

    On August 2, 2020, she was revealed as the seventh and final member of PURPLE KISS.

    III. Dosie Facts

    - She likes to draw.

    - Dosie was the first member of the group to join RBW.

    - Dosie Ireh and Chaein choreographed the song “My Heart Skip a Beat”.

    - She has a twin sister.

    - She loves to dance.

    - She is a big fan of GOT7.

    - Role Models: Wonder Girls.

    - She and Yuki are roommates.

    - Favorite food: Hot Pot.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)