MBK Entertainment

  • I. Introduction


    MBK Entertainment's current logo

    MBK Entertainment was founded sometime between 2006 and 2007 as a subsidiary of Mnet Media called Core Contents Media before re-establishing itself under its current name in 2014. It has a subsidiary named PocketDol Studio and was formerly the parent company of Maroo Entertainment, which was later spun off into an independent company.

    II. Artists

    III. Artists directly under MBK Entertainment

    Artist name Debut year Status
    SeeYa 2006 Disbanded in 2011
    Black Pearl 2007 Disbanded in 2012
    Davichi 2008 Left MBK Entertainment in 2014
    T-ARA 2009 Left MBK Entertainment in 2018
    Coed School 2010 Split into F-ve Dolls and Speed in 2013
    F-ve Dolls 2011
    (split from Coed School in 2013)
    Disbanded in 2014
    Gangkiz 2012 Disbanded in 2014
    The SeeYa 2012 Unofficially disbanded in 2015
    Speed 2012
    (split from Coed School in 2013)
    Disbanded in 2015
    Shannon Williams 2014
    Left MBK Entertainment in 2019

    IIII. Artists under PocketDol Studio

    Artist name Debut year Status
    DIA 2015
    (moved to PocketDol Studio in around 2020)
    1the9 2019 Disbanded in 2021
    Venus 2019 Active
    BAE173 2020 Active
    Baek Yebin 2015
    (debuted solo in 2021)