COED School

  • I. Introduction

    The now-disbanded South Korean co-ed group COED School debuted under Core Contents Media (now MBK Entertainment) in 2010 with the mini album Too Late - the group was divided into two subunits by gender, which were named Speed and 5Dolls respectively. COED School continued as a single group until 2013 when its two subunits were spun off into independent groups, thus resulting in the group's disbandment.

    II. Discography

    III. Whole-group releases

    1. Too Late (mini album, 2010)
    2. Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom (single album, 2010)
    3. Something That Is Cheerful and Fresh (mini album, 2011)

    IIII. Subunit releases

    1. Charming 5 Girls (5Dolls, 2011)
    2. Club Remix Time to Play (5Dolls, 2011)
    3. Lovey-Dovey Plus (Speed, 2012)
    4. Speed of Light (Speed, 2013)
    5. Superior Speed (Speed, 2013)
    6. Blow Speed (Speed, 2013)
    7. Since 1971 (5Dolls, 2013)
    8. First Love (5Dolls, 2013)
    9. Circus Speed (Speed, 2014)