Girls On Top

  • I. Introduction

    Girls On Top is an upcoming 7-member project girl group under SM Entertainment. Their lineup consists of different SM artists. Which is currently BoA, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon from Girls' Generation, Seulgi and Wendy from Red Velvet, and Karina and Winter of aespa.

    However, their lineup is not fixed, so for future comebacks, it can change.

    Their name can also be shorted to GOT.

    They are set to debut on January 3, 2022 with their single Step Back.

    II. Career

    The group was announced on December 26, 2021 with the launch of their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter). The full debut lineup was revealed as well.

    They released concept photos for their upcoming single GOT the beat, which will release on January 3, 2022 and be their official debut.

    Girls On Top performed for the first time at SM's online concert SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA on January 1.

    III. Members

    Stage Name: BoA
    Birth Name: Kwon Bo-ah
    Birthday: November 5, 1986
    Stage Name: Taeyeon
    Birth Name: Kim Tae yeon
    Birthday: March 9, 1989
    Group: Girls' Generation
    Stage Name: Hyoyeon
    Birth Name: Kim Hyo Yeon
    Birthday: September 22, 1989
    Group: Girls' Generation
    Stage Name: Seulgi
    Birth Name: Kang Seul Gi
    Birthday: February 10, 1994
    Group: Red Velvet
    Stage Name: Wendy
    Birth Name: Shon Seung Wan
    Birthday: February 21, 1994
    Group: Red Velvet
    Stage Name: Karina
    Birth Name: Yu ji Min
    Birthday: April 11, 2000
    Group: aespa
    Stage Name: Winter
    Birth Name: Kim Min Jeong
    Birthday: January 1, 2021
    Position: Maknae
    Group: aespa

    IV. Discography

    Title Type Release Date
    GOT the beat(GOT:Girls On Top)
    Single January 3, 2022

    V. Videography

    VI. Videos

    GOT the Beat is having fun practicing

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    VII. Trivia

    • Winter's favorite type of film is action
    • Karina is currently the tallest member
    • Wendy can play the guitar, flute, piano, and saxophone
    • Seulgi has been with SM Entertainment since 2007, and joined them through a public audition
    • Hyoyeon dj's under the name "Hyo"
    • Taeyeon wears contacts since she is short-sighted

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