Monkey and Dog Romance

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    I. Introduction

    Monkey and Dog Romance is a 2018 South Korean pre-produced web-drama about a man who can communicate with animals. It was directed by Yoon Mi Young, starring Shin Won Ho (Cross Gene) &, Son Ji Hyun (4Minute). All 10 episodes are available on Rakuten Viki.

    II. Synopsis

    Sung Woo, the successful animal communicator, especially has a lot of female clients. He doesn't stop any women who try to hit on him, but he actually has a girlfriend. Joo Mi is a devoted girlfriend who works as a vet and lives with him. Leo is Sung Woo's business partner and the genius monkey, and he has been going out with Joo Mi's companion dog, Juliet, for a long time as well. Their peaceful days last until the 2,000th-day anniversary when Sung Woo's reckless behavior ruins everything. Leo and Juliet happen to be at the verge of a breakup because of their owners, and the two start trying to bring them back together.

    III. Trailer

    IV. Episodes

    V. Reception

    The web drama has received the scores of 6.8 &, 7.2 on Mydramalist &, Rakuten Viki respectively.