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    I'll (아일) is a singer-songwriter and musician under MJ Dreamsys. He is the leader, vocalist and keyboardist of the band Hoppípolla. I'll's first feature was for his brother's (No Min Woo, former member of SMEnt's band TraxX) song, "Shining Love", under the name 'Snowman'. He made his solo debut on November 22, 2017 with his first digital single "Are You There". In 2019 he made his debut with Hoppípolla after joining JTBC's audition show SuperBand and winning with his band. The band released their first digital single, "About Time", on November 16, 2019. Before joining SuperBand, he studied jazz piano and composition at Berklee College of Music.


    Single albums

    "Maybe We Are" (2017)

    "To My Dear" (2018)

    Digital singles

    "Are You There" (2017)

    "Last Winter" (2018)

    "You&I" (2020)


    "Partners for Justice 2 OST Part.3" ("Poison") (2019)

    "Vagabond OST Part.3" ("Breaking Dawn") (2019)

    "Oh My Baby OST Part.1" ("Love Is All Around") (2020)

    "Zombie Detective OST Part.1 ("Be Ok") (2020)


    ICON - "Shining Love" (as Snowman) (2015)

    Thama - "So Long" (2021)

    Other releases

    JTBC SuperBand Episode 5 ("Castle On The Hill") (2019)

    JTBC SuperBand Episode 8 ("1000x") (2019)

    JTBC SuperBand Episode 10 ("Creep") (2019)

    Producing & writing credits

    ICON - "Shining Love" (Writing) (2015)

    Hoppípolla - "Opfern" (Composing & Writing) (2019)

    Hoppípolla - "About Time" (Composing & Writing) (2019)

    Hoppípolla - "Enough" (Composing & Writing) (2020)

    Hoppípolla - "Let's!" (Composing & Writing) (2020)

    Hoppípolla - "Where Is" (Composing) (2021)

    Hoppípolla - "The Love" (Composing & Writing) (2021)

    Hoppípolla - "Your Ocean" (Composing & Writing) (2021)

    Hoppípolla - "Unnatural"(Composing & Writing) (2021)

    Thama - "So Long" (Composing & Writing) (2021)