Devil Inspector

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    I. Introduction

    Devil Inspector is a 2017 South Korean web drama series starring Kim Nam Joo (Apink), Ahn Hyeong Seop & Yoo Sun Ho, directed by Park Sun Jae. It was aired from September 12 to September 28, 2017 through NAVER TVcast. It's currently available on Viki.

    II. Synopsis

    It could take a fresh perspective to solve the most difficult crime cases. Two genius high school students (Ahn Hyeong Seop and Yoo Sun Ho) discover that their parents have disappeared one day. They turn to a police detective (Kim Nam Joo) for help to finding their parents, only to end up helping the detective solve other tough criminal cases.

    III. Trailer

    IV. Episodes

    V. OST

    VI. Reception

    The Devil Inspector has gotten the mixed scores of 5.7 on IMDB, 7.2 on Mydramalist &, 9.1 on Rakuten Viki.