Teddy Park

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    Teddy Park, born Park Hong-jun on September 14, 1978) is a Korean-American songwriter and record producer.

    Teddy grew up in the United States of America before successfully passing an audition for YG Entertainment at 17 and moving back to South Korea. There, starting in 1998, he formed the hip hop group 1TYM, for which Teddy did most of the writing and producing.

    After 1TYM ended their career in 2006, Teddy served as one of the main producers and songwriters in YG Entertainment and produced and wrote most of the discography of the legendary South Korean girl group 2NE1, which was signed to the same label. Teddy also participated in many songs of the boy group BigBang and is also one of the main producers and songwriters of Blackpink.

    Other well-known hits such as Sunmi's "Gashina", MOBB "Full House" or "Hit Me" and Somi's song "Birthday" are among the songs Teddy Park co-produced and wrote.