• ENJIN (円神-エンジン-) is a group menaged under Showtitle as a stageplay project and musicaly produced by Universal Music Japan.

    After all 9 member were participant on Produce 101 Japan season 1 everyone signed a contract to the company called "Showtitle" on May 20th, 2020.

    On June 15th, 2020 the company than announced that the group ENJIN was formed. At first ENJIN was announced as a stageplay project. Later on the group also stated that the member are debuting also as an boygroup togther under the same name.

    The group held their first stageplay between December 4th and 13th, 2020.

    ENJIN made their official debut as boygroup on February 10th, 2021 with their first single titled "ENJIN / Call Your Name"


    Nakatani Hyuga (中谷日向)

    Born: September 15, 1998
    Height: 1,73m
    Weight: 57kg
    Nakamoto Taiga (中本大賀)

    Born: February 17th, 2001
    Height: 1,82m
    Weight: 65kg
    Miyazato Tatsutoshi (宮里 龍斗志)

    Born: September 13th, 1997
    Height: 1,71m
    Weight: 59kg
    Fukuchi Sho (福地 正)

    Born: September 30th, 1993
    Height: 1,63m
    Weight: 54kg
    Nakabayashi Toi (中林登生)

    Born: December 27th, 1997
    Height: 1,71m
    Weight: 57kg
    Yamada Kyo (山田恭)

    Born: September 27th, 2000
    Height: 1,78m
    Weight: 61kg
    Kusachi Ryono (草地 稜之)

    Born: Jun 17, 1998
    Height: 1,78m
    Weight: 60kg
    Kumazawa Fumiya (熊澤歩哉)

    Born: October 22nd, 1996
    Height: 1,75m
    Weight: 54kg
    Takizawa Tsubasa (瀧澤翼)

    Born: March 2nd, 2003
    Height: 1,77m
    Weight: 60kg
    Position: Leader