• Stage Name: Mire
    Birth Name: Aoyagi Sumire

    Group: TRI.BE
    Position: Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Maknae

    Birthday: March 26, 2006

    Zodiac Sign: Aries

    Blood Type: AB

    II. Mire Facts

    – She was the 1st member to be revealed.
    – Hobbies: cooking, shopping alone.
    – She was born in Tokyo, Japan.
    – Specialities: rocking, winking, moving her eyes in different directions at the same time, memorising choreos quickly, moving her ears.
    – Her nickname is Su-Chan.
    – Her favorite colors are black, white, gray and lavender.
    – Her favorite season is Spring.
    Hyunbin, Mire, Soeun, and Jia share a room.
    – Mire can speak Korean and Japanese.
    – Her favorite foods are avocado, macarons, rice cake.
    – She trained for 6 months.
    – She moved to Korea because she really enjoyed k-pop.
    – She wears braces.
    – She’s a fan of TWICE.
    – She’s in charge of drawing in the group.
    – She learned locking, hiphop and pop when she was 11.
    – She participated in a lot of dance competitions.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)