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    Honestly I don't live in SK but the gangs in their schools look scary af, how you gonna be murdering your classmate when your're like 13?

    Then I remember that this literally happened with my classmate, she actually stabbed someone in school to death. Also we got gangs in my country too, they recruit kids to deliver drugs and let them take the fall if they get caught. So I guess it is possible.

    Wowww, I am seriously digging this rock vibe. Is that the Parasite kid in the Congratulations and You Were Beautiful MV? Lol. I absolutely love that "bang bang" in Shoot Me. I notice Shin Ye-eun in that MV too. and that fastpaced upbeat Time of Our Life song... omggg this is so amazing. Loving Zombie too. I definitely know I'm going to be listening to their songs on repeat on Spotify. Thank you sooo much for introducing me to this amazing group <3

    Do you wanna be added to the Day6 taglist? I occasionally promote their music and do appreciation threads for Day6 so you can learn more about them as well


    Of course, they seem like a really cool group with amazing music ! :claps:

    I love this kind of pop rock! Seriously, this is the first time I've heard their songs and they sound so addictive! I feel like I might stan lol :teeheek: