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    Izone won't become permanent either way, are people really believing that article CJ put it on? The same articles with the same words were for Wanna one and X1.

    main difference i think is that unlike wanna one or x1 there is legit no other produce group to take over, there's no alternative or back up. they lose izone they lose their entire music division. so they might push harder on this than previous groups.

    worth noting is that unlike other produce groups which was marketed 100% towards the korean gp, izone also japan and vernalossom to add to the equation. there is no way in hell any post izone group would have an even close level of popularity or sales that they are getting in japan, not just because fans wont care about them anymore but they MIGHT (AND THATS A BIG MIGHT) legit run into the trouble of having to fight vernalossom in the future (vernalossom and its web of connections and wealth certainly has enough capital to wall off any meaningful attemp to break into japan.