[NB] Grammys prompts questions with BTS missing major nominations

  • source: Grammys prompts questions with BTS missing major nominations

    Grammys prompts questions with BTS missing major nominations
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    Article: "BTS was snubbed" BTS 'shockingly' not nominated for Grammy bonsang, even foreign media criticizes decision

    Source: Financial News via Naver

    1. [+2,254, -155] I support BTS. They are patriots who have promoted our country all over the world. A round of applause. The foreign media will know how to report the truth.

    2. [+2,042, -79] It's not the first time that Grammy has discriminated against Asians, who cares anymore... it's more honorable to sweep up other award ceremonies. The Grammys are a league of their own.

    3. [+1,256, -58] Even if they don't win an award there, it's undeniable that they have become legends on their own. The Grammys is basically saying they don't care about artistic value or popularity, only artists who are 'LOCAL'..

    4. [+1,048, -23] The Grammys aren't as honorable as they used to be. Even American medias criticize them for being a white league. This is not news to any of us, and I hope that BTS doesn't perform there at all! The Grammys have been using BTS to promote their ceremony for years already!

    5. [+786, -82] Of course the foreign media is up in arms over it but the Korean media doesn't care. The Korean media only loves reporting on controversial articles while taking down important ones like AMA awards the very next day.

    6. [+695, -58] I wish BTS would just boycott the Grammys. It's an unfair ceremony still living in the days of white supremacy, there's no need for them to attend it. Everyone knows that they're successful all over the world, they don't need to care about their awards.

    7. [+577, -6] The Grammys are whatever... don't waste your emotional energy on small people like this

    8. [+497, -20] It's an American award ceremony, maybe they just want to award Americans only

    9. [+473, -9] BTS is BTS whether the Grammys gives them an award or not... not like it's some amazing award anyway

    10. [+467, -18] Leave them be~ they're choosing to downgrade themselves into a locals only ceremony, let them

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