STAYC's Sumin asked fans about hair get teased by SWITHs right away

  • Rabbit face: swiths!! i suddenly have 2 things i'm curious about!
    Rabbit face: first off, the 1st one!!!! pick just one~~
    Rabbit face: having bangs or not having bangs
    Rabbit face: oh for real..??!!!
    Rabbit face: then 2nd!!
    Rabbit face: short hair or long hair

    Rabbit face: what's with the bald......
    Rabbit face: gr...great!!!

    Rabbit face: is it that everything suits me well hoxy~~~ hahaha

    Rabbit face: no but hahahahaha LOL as expected experts at teasing hahaha

    lol the way she reacted to fans suggestions haha

    and this is her post at the end of the day

    Rabbit face: swiths~ today was so fun too!!! as expected, i'm beeesssssttt friends with swiths>< our humour matches well haha ytd it was Pile of poo and now we're to the extent of teasing each other, we're really best friends~

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  • awww ?(

    Micah Forever

    Benny's Smoll Bean

    PPG 2016 GIF by Jerimin19 on DeviantArt

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