When I was a teenager, I sometimes had the thought "If I were a guy, I would be a better boyfriend"

  • Okay, I sound like Beyoncé (or BC Jean)...

    but I remember it as if I thought I was so romantic that I felt like I would be a better boyfriend than most guys. (yup, better than all of you male users, just kidding)

    I guess I used to think most men aren't romantic.

    Or at least that they probably thought romance is too "girly" or that they prefer sexual stuff. (this might sound stereotypical)

    But heck, I remember thinking that I was much different from other people because I was only interested in romance and not sex.

    and feeling as if romantic men only existed in Disney movies and stuff.

    or the kind of boyfriend, I think I thought I would be, was the type of guy to give my girlfriend flowers and chocolate on Valentine's Day.

    But yup, instead of being a romantic boyfriend, I can be a romantic girlfriend. Like if I had a boyfriend, I would probably be giving him flowers and chocolate on Valentine's Day. Unless he doesn't like flowers or chocolate for some reason.

    It doesn't have to be flowers or chocolate. It could also be something like writing a love poem for him.

    Well... whenever I write romantic short stories or fanfics, the male love interest is often very romantic (so is the female character also sometimes).

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