BALLOON (PRChina) = USA *MILITIA* Groups were poised to 'SHOOT IT OUT' (GUNS) over BALLOON Souvenirs ??? ; 2023.02.05

  • The reason WHY that you Shoot Down the PRChina BALLOON over Ocean ...

    Is that BIDEN (anyone) does NOT want to have USA *MILITIA* Groups

    (Oath Keepers , Rise of the Moors , etc) ... Involved in *Land* BALLOON recovery.
    As in , *shooting each other with guns* , over BALLOON fragments (souvenirs)

    to be SOLD at AUCTION on EBAY ??? ... Clear enough hopefully ...

    Even for USA Senator members of the 'TRUMP Trash for Brains' Political Party ???

    The BALLOON(s) (one in S.America too ???) showed no indication

    of any WEAPON being 'transported' by them ... So , best to wait for the OCEAN.

    (As intended humor) ... And since (Republican) USA HOUSE Rep. Ms. MTGreene did NOT say that the PRChina BALLOON had 'JEWS with LASER BEAMS' aboard it ... I felt safe enough ... NOT sure what I would have done (Phone USA CONGRESS ???) if ALAN DERSHOWITZ was 'on board' the PRChina Balloon though ... :suure:

    USA downs PRChina Balloon, drawing (verbal) threat from PRChina ; 2023.02.05

    OATH KEEPERS (Militia , USA) ; Info

    RISE Of The MOORS (Militia , USA) ; Info

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    Although , having USA 'TORNADO CHASER' *MILITIA* (GUNS) types ...
    Chasing after a PRChina BALLOON coming down over USA *Land* ...

    (As Mel Gibson in 'MAD MAX' movie) , might be USA News *Entertaining* ???

    Thunderdome (Tina Turner) = *Militia* Fight for BALLOON TRUTH !!! ... :watt:

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