ANDREW TATE = ASSASSINATED in Romania (Soon) ??? ; *Poor Security* ??? ; 2023.02.02

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    ANDREW TATE turned Women into (Sexual Web Cam) Slaves.

    ANDREW TATE = BBC News *Articles List*

    (REUTERS = *Detailed* News Article = TATE Brothers *Alleged* Behavior)
    Prosecutors say (RO COURT) that TATE = 'Sex, Lies , Video Cams' ; 2023.02.02

    Observation -->

    The current situation where the TATE Brothers are *exposed* to RO nation public , traveling to and from the RO JAIL to the RO COURT , is that *DEADLY* physically dangerous for them ??? ... Could they be *ASSASSINATED* as say J.F.KENNEDY (ex-USA PREZ , Year 1963) ??? .=.

    ANDREW TATE = Again Loses RO COURT (JUDGE) Detention Appeal:
    His Human Trafficking Charges Explained ; 2023.02.01
    And A Timeline Of The Social Media Star’s Controversies.

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