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  • btw what makes you think the lucas rumors are false? their was a lot of evidence posted to suggest otherwise?

    also SMs statement didn't say they were false, I think a cbar of his also shut down^

    • I watched some YouTube videos, and I didn't watch all of them, look at this:…nce-defend-k-pop-idol.htm

    • it's pretty clear to me that he's genuinely innocent, at least you were nice and respectful while discussing your opinions, I already like you

    • I read the article and its only disproving one of the accusers, their were 5 or more I think. Also Lucas admitted to it being true in his apology.


      replace the * with s

      so I think some of the accusations were false whilst others had some truth to it, based on Lucas own words


    • Ah, okay. I see what you mean now, some may be true, and others seemed to just be hopping on the trend, but people who just immediately left Lucas's fandom and threw insults at him that didn't bother to be neutral or always find evidence before taking a side weren't fully fans of him in the first place.

    • Yeah, I don't like how people immediately believe the accuser (even if they turn out to be right later on), its best to take a neutral side until both sides come out with their statements.

  • Can I have some akorns please, ruby? <3

    • how many, I have 238, I might get some more

    • As much as you can give please :lover3: I need a lot