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  • how do i use this site again

  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

  • 3 Tips for Monitoring Helicopter Engine Power | P&WC | Airtime Blog - Pratt  & Whitney

  • Stan bp :cursing:

  • chopper? T___T

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    • hey burrito <3 you came back to akp?

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    • u kinda of I guess :< have u?

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    • ah well, i still check akp every now and then but i don't really talk anymore :sweatr: ig i just kinda lost interest especially since a lot of ppl left and the threads started becoming really stale

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    • understandable T_____T ik how u feel tbh, it's getting boring but I joined a guild so it won't be too dry v___v what r u doing nowadays then :<

    • er tbh not much i just play games with my friends everyday HAHAHA

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