• Go YoungHo born on March 28th 1992, is most known by his stage name 'Grizzly' and his Instagram handle 'gomgrizzly'.

    He is a South Korean Singer Songwriter and composer underneath his current company EGO, where since debuting on September 5th 2014 with his first single 'D.S'. Has become known for his tracks within the K Indie and K r&b community for the following songs and most notably: Beige Coat, MERRY GO ROUND, Even if we fight, can you just remember this?.. , Come Back to Me, That Night (OST), Story of my Friend (feat. Skinny Brown), RUN, END, One Minute Later (23:59) and more.

    As listed on his official Spotify Page, he is an artist that often self describes himself as, "An artist who draws music in his own colors, vividly delivers inspiration from his daily lives by presenting comfortable and sympathetic songs such as ‘Phone’ and ‘Bench’. Grizzly wants to invite listeners to his own music universe, a musician who will continue to paint various music with his own emotions. He is often mentioned as a florist and fan of flowers by his fans, as it is often the scene of live clips and his Instagram where at more then one point, he has self listed himself as a 'Florist'.

    The artist has various writing, arranging and composing credits for his songs, Chung Ha, Kidd King, TOYCOIN, Limit, Rosy and NCT Dreams 'ANL'.


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