Baek Yerin

  • Baek Yerin is an independent solo artist, lead singer and guitarist of The Volunteers and former vocalist of duo 15&.

    Yerin made her debut in 2012 under JYPE Entertainment as vocal duo 15& alongside Kpopstar winner Park Jimin (now Jamie). 15& was active for 3 years before going on indefinite hiatus while both members pursued solo endeavors, officially disbanding in 2019 following a 4 year hiatus and the expiration of both Jamie and Yerin's contracts with JYP Entertainment. In 2019, Yerin founded her own music label, Blue Vinyl and continued to further her musical career

    Yerin made her solo debut in 2016 with EP Frank and has followed it 3 EPs and 2 studio albums

    The Volunteers was founded in 2018