The Volunteers

  • I. Introduction

    The Volunteers (also known as TVT) is a four-member rock band formed by CLOUD and Baek Yerin under Blue Vinyl, Baek Yerin’s independent label she started after leaving JYP Entertainment. They debuted on September 14, 2018 with the digital single "Violet".

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    And after 3 years the band released their 1st full-length debut album “The Volunteers” with <Let me Go!> as the title track on May 27, 2021.

    II. Get To Know The Band

    The Volunteers were originally formed in 2018 with members, Baek Yerin, Hyungseok Koh, Jonny and Chiheon. The origin of the band’s name was created by Baek Yerin, while they were on a trip to Japan.

    Quote from Baek Yerin

    “I couldn’t decide between a couple of names then this one came to mind when I saw the way the other members were helping me when I was going through a hard time without wanting anything back for themselves.”

    For the last 3 years, as each of the members focused on taking care of their individual musical careers, they would share their unofficial releases via SoundCloud and YouTube before releasing their debut album.

    The alternative rock band takes influence from Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Avril Lavigne, Tokyo Jihen, and The Beatles.

    The Volunteers brings a new take on Rock & alternative music especially in Korea where the genre is not as known.

    III. Meet The Members


    Birth Name: Baek Yerin (백예린)
    Position: Lead Vocal & Guitarist
    Birthday: June 26, 1997
    Instagram: yerin_the_genuine SoundCloud: YERINB

    Birth Name: Hyung Seok (고형석)
    Position: Band Master
    Birthday: April 06, 1991
    Instagram: cloudkoh_
    SoundCloud: hscloudkoh

    Birth Name: Kwak Minhyuk (곽민혁)
    Position: Guitar
    Instagram: kwakjonny

    Birth Name: Kim
    Position: Drum
    Instagram: choooney
    YouTube: 드러머_김치헌

    IV. Discography



    • Vanity&People (2018)

    Digital singles

    • "Violet" (2018)
    • "Radio" (2019)

    V. Music Videos

    VI. YouTube Segments

    VII. Other Social Media