• I. Introduction

    Jiho is a south korean singer under WM Entertainment.

    She is a member of the girl group OH MY GIRL.

    II. Career

    She debuted in OH MY GIRL on April 20, 2015 with their self titled debut mini album.
    She appeared in B1A4 music video for ''Sweet Girl'' and in Ben's music video for ''Thank You Goodbye''

    III. Jiho Facts

    - She has a younger brother.

    - Jiho hates cucumbers.

    - Her favorite season is winter.

    - Jiho wants to go to Europe.

    - Her habit is listening to music in the car.

    - Jiho’s strength is her honesty.

    - Her favorite color is sky blue.

    - Her favorite Oh My Girl song is Remember Me.

    - Jiho’s name means to “call good fortune”

    - Jiho’s favorite food is meat.

    - She can play the guitar.

    - Her hobby is watching movies.

    - She speaks Korean and Japanese.

    - Jiho can imitate Pikachu.

    - In the dorm, she shares a room with Hyojung and Mimi.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)