• I. Introduction

    Hyojung is a South Korean singer under WM Entertainment.

    She is the leader of the girl group OH MY GIRL and its sub-unit OH MY GIRL BANHANA.

    II. Career

    She debuted as a member of OH MY GIRL on April 20, 2015.

    Hyojung debuted as part of the group's special sub-unit OH MY GIRL BANHANA with the special album Banana Allergy Monkey.

    III. Collaborations

    - "SNS'' (with Park Myeong-su) (2018)


    - ''Fantastic OST Part 3" (with Crucial Star) (2016)

    - "Queen of Mystery 2 OST Part 1" (2018)

    - "My Only One OST Part 5" (2018)

    - "Legal High OST Part 5" (with Binnie) (2019)

    - "Lead the Way" (From “Raya and the Last Dragon”) (2021)

    IV. Hyojung Facts

    - Hyojung is known for her bright smiles and small figure.

    - Hyojung’s hobbies are singing, watching dramas and variety shows.

    - Hyojung’s nickname is Candy.

    - Hyojung’s name means to be true. “Hyo” means to learn from, “Jung” means to decide

    - She can play the piano.

    - Hyojung was a former trainee of Soul Shop Entertainment.

    - She only trained for 6 months under WM Entertainment before debuting with OH MY GIRL.

    - She placed 1st in WM trainee search.

    - Before going to sleep, Hyojung always puts on face masks.

    - Hyojung wants to be known as the “OST Fairy”

    - If she could have an animal to represent her, it would be a squirrel

    - Her favorite season is autumn.

    - Hyojung’s favorite Oh My Girl song is ‘Illusion

    - Hyojung wants to have the teleportation superpower.

    - She gets scared of Seunghee when she’s being serious.

    - She had to film her part in the “Liar Liar” MV 5 times because she kept hitting her head on the wall.

    - Hyojung’s favorite food is bread.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)