• I. Introuction

    Hwarang is a member of Yuehua Entertainment's boy group TEMPEST. He is also a former contestant of survival show Under Nineteen, and a former member of DSP's media pre-debut group DSP N.

    II. Background

    Hwarang got into the idol career through joining DSP Media. He made his first public appearance on October 25, 2018 on survival show Under Nineteen in the performance team. He finished at #11 on episode 12, and was eliminated at rank #32.

    Hwarang later became a member of the pre-debut group DSP N in 2020, however, he left later in the same year. DSP N went on to become the boy group MIRAE.

    He later joined Yuehua Entertainment. Star News reported that Yuehua had plans to launch their new boy group TEMPEST in the latter half of 2021. This fell through.

    Hwarang was revealed to be a member of TEMPEST on January 3, 2022. He is the third member to be revealed.

    He is set to debut with TEMPEST on February 21, 2022 with an album

    III. Videography

    Title Date Aired
    Under Nineteen (Contestant)
    2018-2019 MBC

    IV. Trivia

    • He can dance both urban and idol style
    • He can also compose and make choreography
    • He enjoys wrting, exercising, watching movies, and thinking
    • His nicknames are Small Fish, Small Head, and Deer
    • He looks up to KARD's J-Seph
    • He can be seen in KARD's MV for Enemy as a backup dancer
    • He trained under DSP Media for 6 years

    (Credit to kprofiles.com)