Real+ - Cruel Fairy Tale

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    Cruel Fairy Tale is the second track of IU's first single album Real+, which is the follow-up to her third E.P, Real.

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    [Verse 1]

    이 밤 지나고 나면은

    I bam jinago namyeoneun

    When this night passes

    날 깨울 그대 올테죠

    Nal kkaeul geudae oltejyo

    You will come to wake me

    한 방울 흘려 놓은

    Han bangul ssik heullyeo noheun

    By stepping on the tears

    눈물 즈려 밟으며

    Nunmul jeuryeo barbeumyeo

    I shed one by one

    저 문 열리면 또 다시

    Jeo mun yeollimyeon tto dasi

    When that door opens

    빛이 내게 닿을테죠

    Bichi naege daheultejyo

    The light will reach me

    그 이후론 영원토록

    Geu ihuron yeongwontorok

    And forever after

    행복하게 살테죠

    Haengbokhage saltejyo

    I will live happily

    [Instrumental Chorus]

    [Verse 2]

    열 두시 종이 울리면

    Yeol dusi jongi ullimyeon

    When the clock rings 12

    꿈 속에서 눈 뜨죠

    Kkum sogeseo nun tteujyo

    I'll awake from my dreams

    사람들의 축복 속에

    Saramdeurui chukbok soge

    And amidst the blessings of others

    춤추고 있는 우리 둘

    Chumchugo inneun uri dul

    We will be dancing together


    난 숨을 쉬죠 (You will never know)

    Nan sumeul swijyo (You will never know)

    I breathe (You will never know)

    난 살아있어요 (Everyone fails to love)

    Nan saraisseoyo (Everyone fails to love)

    I am alive (Everyone fails to love)

    그 사실만은 나 믿어도 되는 거겠죠

    Geu sasilmaneun na mideodo doeneun geogetjyo

    I can believe in at least that truth

    [Instrumental Chorus]


    Nothing lasts forever, nothing really matters

    [Verse 3]

    날 찾는 길이 험해서

    Nal chatneun giri heomhaeseo

    Maybe because the road that leads to me is perilous

    헤매고 있나봐요

    Hemaego innabwayo

    You are lost

    언젠가는 웃으면서

    Eonjenganeun useumyeonseo

    But one day, I will be smiling

    그대 품에 잠들겠죠

    Geudae pume jamdeulgetjyo

    As I fall asleep in your arms


    난 갈 수 없죠 (I will never know)

    Nan gal su eobtjyo (I will never know)

    I cannot go (I will never know)

    날 못 찾을까 (Everyone tells me so)

    Nal mot chajeulkka bwa (Everyone tells me so)

    In case you cannot find me (Everyone tells me so)

    이 기다림이 다 물거품 돼 버릴까봐

    I gidarimi da mulgeopum dwae beorilkkabwa

    In case this wait bursts like a bubble


    Nothing lasts forever, nothing really matters

    Nothing lasts forever, nothing really matters

    Nothing lasts forever, nothing really matters

    Nothing lasts forever, nothing really matters